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Silicone for Embossing and Screen Printing
Silicone for Embossing and Screen Printing

Product Introduction:

61 series two-component high strength, high adhesion, high tensile strength of silicone coating

Product features:

1, low shrinkage, crosslinking process does not release low molecules, so the volume is unchanged, the shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%

2. Excellent anti-skid performance; Do not pollute; Low hardness; The adhesive is firmly bonded.

3, wear-resistant, washable, high temperature resistance; High three-dimensional level, excellent texture. Because of easy operation can be widely used in floral ribbon, ribbon, non-skid belt, woven trademark products special sign silicone (fabric coating silicone), non-skid flowers

4, food grade, non-toxic tasteless, through the FDA food grade certification

5, high transparency, high tensile strength, tear resistance, good bonding effect

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